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...rock songs shifting from dream to daylight


Robert Carl Blank is a true-blue Hamburg native with a heart full of yearnings, Blues and Rock'n'Roll. No wonder that this combination of passions led him to write a song about Jonathan Seagull and make his audience dream with him, among others. For more than fifteen years Robert has played on many stages of this planet. In America and in Australia he worked with a great many musicians native to their respective countries. One of them was Blues grand Carl Weathersby who he accompanied on a US tour.

As a one-man-show this poetic storyteller shines with fine technical skills, particularly in his solos. He knows how to pack everyday topics into poetic words and powerfully harmonic melodies. This mix makes for touching songs clad in Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk, Soul, and sometimes even Punk fabric. Robert is a musician who you wish to hear more from even after only listening to a few bars of his music. And it doesn't matter where he appears, be it as a solo musicians, with a band plus guests, on a festival stage or simply at a street fest in any town you can think of, Robert Carl Blank will entice you.

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