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...because it's allowed to laugh about everything!


Nicolai Köppel tells good stories! In fact, they are so good that the press praises them wherever he goes.

More and more people feel inspired to hear them. Nicolai is a script writer, bookstore owner, former sleeping car train conductor, former railroad sleeping car conductor was born in Berlin, who chose to live Heilbronn. He serves his short stories, all taken from his book "Danish Westerns", with such humor, a certain sense for drama and and expression  that his readings seemingly turn the stage into a studio for live radio dramas.

This talented writer throws together strange characters like TV fee collectors, older men who never left puberty, porn-collecting fathers and the crew of Moby Dick into fantastic stories of bizarre appeal. Here is what these figures all have in common: "they find themselves trapped in those seemingly undetectable moments where things get out of control and swiftly start moving into states of delusion".

Nicolai Köppel loves to tune in right there and turn it into a story. "In my writings men usually turn into embezzles", he is ready to frankly say. "After all, one should feel free to laugh about everything!"

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