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„ … hauntingly attractive voice, songs for souls.“

Alternative Indie Pop

With haunting vocals and cinematic compositions „Chasing Jonah“ aka Ashley Dudukovich, the Florida based vocalist & composer envelopes her audience into musical dreams.

Ever since the release of her debut album „Prelude“ in 2014, she has been visible translating Inner reality into fairy tale like imagery. Her single „War Paint“ supported by her critically acclaimed music video led her to launch an unexpected and well-received whirlwind tour. Her latest single featuring co-writer "Xerikai" is called "Work it Out".

„Chasing Jonah“ has also been musically compared to artists such as „Florence and the Machine“, „Of Monsters and Men“, as well as „Lana Del Rey“.

Ashley loves to work with local artists and musicians, but never compromises professional aspirations as can be seen in her feature-film-like video clips.

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